Top Things to do in Amsterdam


Canal Lights

Canal Lights – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam the capital city of Netherlands. Amsterdam has more than 800 years of historic heritage. Amsterdam’s history is connected with its water. With its 165 canals created over centuries, in 2010 Amsterdam’s canal ring was recognised as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Apart from a small city busting with greens, it is also one of the world’s biggest exponents of dance music, Amsterdam’s thriving clubbing and night life scene covers all bases.

The city is an in-toxic mix of the 17th Century streets, historic canals, narrow building, artistic heritage, funky and mellow bars, brown cafes full of characters, a faint smell of pot and open air marketplace for love making.

The most common transport in Amsterdam is bike. There are over 800,000 bicycles in Amsterdam. That’s more bikes than people!! Amsterdam also has the biggest bike parking spot in Europe.

Whilst in Amsterdam it is highly advisable to get an “I Amsterdam city card”. It gives free, unlimited public transport, free entry to Amsterdam’s best museums and attractions, and lots of great discounts and offers.

Top Things to do in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

  1. Hop on a bike and tour the city. You got to park your bicycle at the Europe’s largest Bicycle Parking Lot.
  2. Catch the free city tour. Ask at the reception of your hotel or hostel about the free city tour. It usually starts very early in the morning. And yes the red light district tour is also included in there!
  3. Wander into the city’s most charming neighbourhood ‘Jordaan’. It has independent art galleries, antique shops, courtyard gardens and characteristic bars and restaurant.
  4. Take a Canal Cruise. There are lots of cruises to choose from. With the heritage rooted with its

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    canals, when you take a guided tour you can learn a lot about the history of Amsterdam and its narrow houses. You will also see characteristic and fascinating boat houses.

  5. Visit Anne Frank’s House. See the world through the eyes of an intelligent little girl and feel the injustice made towards the Jewish people during the World War II.
  6. Take this opportunity to visit the recently refurbished for 370 million euros the Rijksmuseum Museum. It is a home some of the world’s greatest master pieces in arts and history.
  7. Checkout the paintings of Dutch impressionist Vincent Van Gogh at Van Goghs Museum. It holds more than a 1000 of his paintings which gives you an insight on his life, his inspirations and the people he has inspired.
  8. Go beer tasting at the windmill De Gooyer in the East of the city. And this isn’t just any windmill – for

    De Gooyer – Amsterdam, Netherlands

    under the sails of this striking landmark is Brouwerij ‘Tij; an award winning artisan microbrewer.

  9. Take a walk in the parks. Amsterdam has over 30 parks to choose from, with the Vondelpark being the largest. Other notable parks are Westerpark, Sarphatipark and Rembrandtpark.
  10. Check out the clubs and coffeeshops. In Amsterdan ‘the coffeeshop’ is where you can buy and smoke pots and a ‘café’ is where you can buy an actual coffee. And there are tons of cool clubs at Amsterdam which you can’t miss.
  11. Have a look at the Red Light District and if you have never seen prostitutes – all shapes and sizes, in fancy dress-up displaying themselves from a window you will be quite amazed here. Also we request people not to take their pictures and understand and respect these women as that they are performing their job. You will find it very offensive if people are taking your picture while you are trying to work.
  12. Make some time to visit some of the unusual museums in Amsterdam. For example the Museum of Handbags or the Houseboat Museum or even Red-Light Secrets (Museum for prostitution)


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  1. Kim Case
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    This is great if you want to visit Paris from Amsterdam for a short weekend and
    want to give the kids a taste of Disneyland. Disneyland Paris is transformed
    for Halloween and by visiting at this time you can experience things that are not available at any other time of year.
    Worth mentioning is the fun nautical theme, which can be quite fun especially for children.

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    This was really helpful. A friend of mine recently is going to Netherlands and it was quite handy to him when I shared it with him.

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